1-5L Detergent liquid production line

Short Description:

1-5L Detergent liquid production line

BG5000-1 Liner type Liquid Soap Filling Machine started since beginning, bottle unscrambler, bottle cleaning, product filling, bottle capping, labeling, till end of line wrapping, sealing, packaging. It’s a fully automatic system only need a supervisor to watch complete line automatic working. Well saved client’s labor cost and highly improved production efficiency. There are many models can fill various sizes of container from 1L-5L, BG5000-1 models are able to handling various viscosity product from fluid to viscous product.From company established to today, BG5000-1 piston filling system has been serving for condiments, mayonnaise, sauce, fruit paste, mas, edible oil, lubricant, cosmetics, cream, honey, e-liquid, essentials, hand washer, shampoo and more industry.




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1. This line is applicable for 1liter-5Liter products filling;
2. The whole line 2-3 people can operate, reduce the intensity of labor, reduce labor
3. The whole line filling speed is 1000-3600 can/barrel per hour, can be customized by customer's requests
4. Flexible filling, easy adjustment, use with a variety of specifications to switch back and forth
5. The whole line is made of stainless steel, the appearance is beautiful and generous, for customers to visit

Main technical parameter:

Production speed-

4 filling nozzles: 600-1600 bottles/hour

6 filling nozzles: 800-3000 bottles/hour

8 filling nozzles: 1000-3500 bottles/hour

10 filling nozzles: 1500-4200 bottles/hour

12 filling nozzles: 1800-5000 bottles/hour

16 filling nozzles: 2500-7500 bottles/hour

20 filling nozzles: 3000-8500 bottles/hour

Filling accuracy: ±0.5%

Applicable;  viscoisity liquid, such as gel, hand washing, Detergent liquid, Soap liquid, Etc


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