New Design Fully Automatic IVD Reagent Filling Machine Test Tube Filling Capping Machine

Short Description:

Automatic filling machine for Automatic reagent diagnostic reagent test tube filling capping machine, it is a high performance compact peristaltic liquid filling machine and can be customized.

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This fully automatic IVD reagent/test tube filling capping machine. The system aseptically and precisely fills standard 2ml, 5ml, 7ml tubes and so on, and specialty conical tubes, and culture tubes, vials, and small bottles up to 30 ml. An optional diving nozzle mechanism plunges the filling nozzles into the container for increased production speeds without splashing, and we can produce the different filing nozzles for your different speed requirement. Filling volumes of filling machine for e liquid are programmable and can be adjusted from the touch screen.


  •  It is applicable to different-shaped bottles and plastic bottles: PP , PE , PVC ,glass bottle and mould bottle.The bottle-in and bottle-out has specialized structure .It doesn't drop bottles or nip bottle
  • PLC control , simple and easy to operate.
  • The part which touches the liquid medicine is made of 316L stainless material completely, meeting the requirement of GMP.

Main technical parameter:

Model Name BGX-2-2
Product name IVD Reagent Filling Capping and Labeling Machine
Filling pump Peristaltic pump, Ceramic pump
Filler 2
Bottle Placing 2
Cap Placing 2
Capper 2
Applicable bottle   Customized
Filling range 1ml-10ml, customized
Filling form Step driven micro pump ceramic plunger filling
Bottle & Cap feeding form Vibration
Screw capping form Double head servo claw rotation
Speed 2100-2500BPH
Filling tube PP or PTFE
Materials 304 stainless steel
Liquid contacting parts 304/316stainless steel
Filling tube PP or PTFE
Pressure 0.6-0.8Mpa

Working process:

Put the tubes into the automatic tube unscrambler and then tubes come to the tube clamping conveyor and then inlet of filling machine automatically.





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