BGF-80Z Automatic Plastic tube filling and sealing machine

Short Description:

Automatic plastic tube filling sealing machine is suitable for kinds of laminted tueb and plastic tube filling sealing cutting and date printing, widely used in daily chemical products, medical products, chemicals, food, cosmetic, toothpaste, etc 

1. 50L SUS3016L jacketed heating tank

2. 12PCS Molds/Set, A different size with a set of mold

3. Wall scrapper mixer with variable speed controller


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    Specification of Automaitc plastic tube filling and sealing machine 

    1.  The transmission part is enclosed below the platform, safe and reliable, without pollution;

    2. The filling and sealing part is installed in the semi-closed static-free outer frame visible cover above the platform, easy to observe, easy to operate and easy to maintain;

    3. Stainless steel touch switch operation panel;

    4. Inclined and direct-hanging silo, optional;

    5. The arc-shaped armrest is equipped with a vacuum suction device. After the armrest and the pressure tube device are interacted with each other, the hose is fed into the upper tube workstation

    6. Optoelectronic labeling workstations, with high-precision probes, stepper motors and other control hose patterns in the correct position;

    7. At the end of injection, the air blowing device blows off the tail;

    8. No tube or no filling;

    9. Sealing temperature (Leister hot air gun) internal heating of the tail, external cooling cooling device configuration;

    10. Typing station automatically prints the word code at the position required by the process;

    11. The plastic manipulator cuts the tail of the hose into right angles or rounded corners to choose from;

    12. Fault security, overload shutdown;Counting and quantitative shutdown;


    Main technical parameter: 

    Model Name BGF-80Z
    Production capacity 40-50/min
    Filling capacity 5-250ml/piece
    Hose diameter 12-50mm
    Filling error ≤±0.5%;
    Main motor power 1.1kw Heat sealing power: 3kw
    Working pressure 0.6MPa
    Displacement no less than 600L/min
    Weight 750kg
    Dimensions 1950*750*1850(mm)



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