BGX-1-2D Monoblock Rotary filling capping line

Short Description:

Monoblock rotary filling capping line is applicable to the pharmaceutical industry in the bottle of liquid filing and sealing packing process. The structure is compact, reasonable and automatically with bottle unscrambler, filling, plugging, screw cap, and labeling machine, Applicable for pharma, cosmetic industry vial bottle 10ml-500ml PET/Glass, dropper bottles


Product Detail


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High precision piston pump (or peristaltic pump) filling, measuring accurate, adjustable, clean, convenient maintenance, easy operation, no bottle no filling, no bottle no plug, not plug cover function. Work surface with 304 high-quality stainless-steel materials protection, contact with the liquid part is 316L quality stainless steel, the machine meets GMP requirements.


1. This machine adopts advanced PLC + Touch screen operation system, easy to operate and maintain

2. This equipment can fill various liquid products, such as, medicine liquid, liquid essence, E-Liquid,  essential oil, eyedrops into small bottles,  then feed and press caps

3. With high filling precision, all the parts contact with products are made of stainless steel 316L, sanitary and durable, comply with GMP standard, with CE and SGS Certificates

4. Equipped with auger/screw filling device, this machine can fill various powder products

5. This machine can work various bottles, like amber bottles, penicillin bottles, dropper bottles, plastic/PET bottles, cosmetics bottles, etc

6. This machine can be used independently, and it can also be connected to other machines, such as bottle unscrambler, bottle labeling machine, ink-jet printer, to be automatic bottling production line


Main technical parameter:

Model Name BGX-1-2D
Product name Monobloc Filling Capping and Labeling Machine
Filling pump Peristaltic pump, Ceramic pump, Piston
Filling heads 1-2
Capping heads 1-2
Applicable bottle  Customized
Filling range 1ml-10ml, 10ml-100ml, 100ml-1000ml, customized
Filling form Step driven micro pump ceramic plunger filling
Bottle & Cap feeding form Vibration bowl
Diving form Double head servo motor
Speed 2000-3000BPH
Materials 304 stainless steel
Liquid contacting parts 304/316stainless steel, Can be customized
Filling tube PP or PTFE
Pressure 0.6-0.8Mpa


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