Health products fish oil Automatic filling capping line

When selecting automatic filling machine, we must also consider whether the loss of liquid materials in the production process, avoid production, environmental pollution and waste, ensure that the equipment has intelligent leak prevention system and anti-collision barrel protection function, if the filling head is not inserted into the bottle mouth and did not start filling, choose the drip-proof head design filling head, avoid residual droplet leakage, select the filling head with intelligent alarm function, ensure the safety and stability of equipment production, Changzhou Bojun packaging machine filler can provide customers with customized liquid filling machine. Bottled liquid filling machine production lines can also be configured according to product requirements



High degree of automation, stable and reliable performance, fast production speed, accurate filling, simple operation, easy adjustment, adaptability.

Fish oil filling screw cap machine all-in-one machine manufacturers use fixed flow parameters to control filling time and achieve different measurements of filling, pneumatic valve precision filling time can be set to 0.01 seconds, can control the measurement accuracy in the ±1% error range, reduce unnecessary material losses, and improve the user’s economic efficiency, the size of each filling head can be individually adjusted to achieve a consistent filling volume, the machine set a bottle counting program, Filling begins only when the number of bottles recorded by the counter is consistent with the number of bottles to be filled, and the fill can first be adjusted to the desired fill and then fine-tuned to achieve the desired fill measurement accuracy.


The filling machine equipment can be configured to use together with other functions, with no bottle, no filling, automatic bottle out of the bottle,

Automatic positioning filling, automatic control of liquid level and other functions, one-click start a variety of parameters to save the use.

Fish oil filling screw cap machine is also suitable for water agent viscous liquid and other materials, according to the design of plant layout map custom equipment,

Designed and crafted in conjunction with the customer’s site, it is characterized by full functionality, low energy consumption and small investment scale.

Filling machine according to different customer needs, output will vary, our equipment is relatively diversified, suitable for start-ups and mass production, customers can buy the right equipment according to their investment budget, for the use of filling machine, we recommend the use of fully automatic filling machine production line, the equipment automation degree is high, with a high degree of automation and labor saving, according to the product bottle type, liquid characteristics tailored, the equipment can automatically complete the filling material and other processes.


Automatic filling machine works relatively simple, filling method can be under certain level pressure conditions by adjusting filling time to control the filling amount highly accurately, piston filling machine is used to fill high concentration fluid filling machine, this is a three-way principle, it drives pistons and rotating valves through the cylinder to extract and extract high concentrations of materials, and through servo motor control, the above two are commonly used filling methods suitable for a variety of mucus liquid, water, and cream fluid. Automatic filling machine equipment can be adjusted according to bottle type.


The advantages of this machine are novel design, compact structure, compact equipment, high precision of filling, wide application, high degree of automation, is a set machine, electricity, gas integration of the new automatic filling machine equipment.

Fish oil filling screw cap machine manufacturer electricity and gas combination, the use of piston quantitative principle, high filling accuracy, simple operation, easy maintenance, food filling machine production line equipment of the main materials: SUS304 stainless steel, in line with health requirements, filling process through acrylic transparent plate and external isolation, in order to ensure the sanitary requirements of filling, filling using piston filling, simplify the installation process, improve filling efficiency, This series of automated food production lines has been proven in actual processing and production in terms of productivity and equipment stability. Machine design is reasonable, small model, easy to operate, pneumatic components are German FESTO and Taiwan AirTac pneumatic components, and material contact parts made of 316L stainless steel, in line with GMP requirements, filling volume and filling speed can be arbitrarily adjusted, high filling accuracy, filling head using drip-proof filling and lift filling device.



Post time: Aug-10-2021