Labeling machine use to ensure reliable connection with the production line

Labeling machine Uses: oil automatic filling line matching, the type of oil bottle labeling machine is mainly applied to food, grain and oil and other industries in the square, round bottle of material on the rapid automatic labeling requirements. (Such as: flat bottle labeling, square bottle labeling, and the production site supporting the edible oil labeling). With good versatility, high stability, durability and so on.
Features: A, for a wide range: both to achieve the square bottle / flat bottle (full bottle state) side (flat) leaflet / corner of the standard, but also to achieve round bottle positioning leaf / double posted function B, a unique distribution mechanism to ensure that the production line with the use of a reliable, effective material C, a unique corner of the body to ensure that the side of the square bottle three sides of the corner of the label formation, not wrinkle D, both stand-alone use, but also Used in conjunction with production lines.

Post time: Jan-02-2021