What products can be filled by automatic liquid filling machine?

In our life, liquid products are a very common commodity, liquid commodities are mostly used in bags, barrels, bottles and so on.With the rapid development of the economy, filling machine for the filling of goods is not only filling so simple, the era gives it more responsibility, it will be beautiful and generous filling of goods competitive.Automatic liquid filling machine is a widely used filling machine, changzhou bojun packaging machinery co., LTD.Optional automatic conveying, automatic filling (liquid surface, liquid surface optional), automatic upper cover sealing, labeling, spraying code, packaging, code cutting constitute unmanned filling equipment production line.

In life, why do manufacturers choose automatic liquid filling machine to fill products, and we have seen what products are filled by automatic liquid filling machine?Here we discuss with you the full automatic liquid filling machine in our daily life the real embodiment:

Fruit juice: all kinds of fruit juice are filled by automatic liquid filling machine. The reason is very simple. Beverage manufacturers generally produce fruit juice in large quantities.And the automatic liquid filling machine can be used for a variety of models of bottle filling, there is a choice of space

Soy sauce and vinegar: we can’t live without condiments, including soy sauce and vinegar.Our common soy sauce and vinegar are bottled or bag situation, automatic liquid filling machine can meet these needs, suitable for a variety of soy sauce and vinegar packaging

Floral water: Especially in summer, almost every household has toilet water.Summer is a season when insects and mosquitoes occur frequently, and toilet water is a very effective product to eliminate insects and mosquitoes. Most toilet water is in small bottles, which is also within the filling range of the automatic liquid filling machine


Chemical products: chemical products with anti-corrosion and explosion-proof requirements, the equipment of production safety and explosion-proof equipment materials have higher requirements, the enterprise in order to improve the production efficiency, reduce the cost of human management, and fully automatic liquid filling machine is used to produce, changzhou bo jun packing machinery co., LTD. The high precision of filling series in different chemical liquid filling both can satisfy the needs of customers

Post time: Jul-07-2020