Rotary face cream cosmetic filling capping equipment

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This machine is including air cleaning- filling- inner cap inserting capping system. It is suitable for lotion, shampoo, cream and so on.

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Specification of this Rotary face cream cosmetic filling capping equipment
This machine is including air cleaning- filling- inner cap inserting- capping system. It is suitable for lotion, shampoo, cream and so on.

Main performance:

  1. Automatic air cleaning- filling- inner cap inserting- capping, each part has two heads.
  2. Air cleaning system: cleaning dust and impurities.
  3. Filling system: Servo motor control, rotary vale filling. High filling accuracy, suitable filling high foam liquid, can self-suck when filling water type liquid.
  4. The hopper is with liquid level detection system. Simple operation and adjust
  5. Adjustable molds: suitable for different sizes of bottles
  6. Screw filling system: suitable for any of the screw caps. The cap contacting material is soft silicone, this material won’t scrap cap
  7. Anyone can skillfully operate without training
  8. Movable with wheel
Parameters of this Rotary face cream cosmetic filling capping equipment

Model Name BSR-1
Capacity 40-45 bottles per minute
Material Stainless steel304&316
Usage filling for lotion,cream, shampoo,liquid soap,toner,conditioner, etc
Filling volume 15-250ml
Function automatic air cleaning, filling, collaring and screw capping
Filling accuracy ±1%
Filling nozzle 2 pcs
Air Pressure 0.5MPA

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