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Automatic Bottle Washing Machine is suitable for automatic various glass or plastic bottles simple cleaning before filling. Can connected with bottles filling machine to combine whole packing line.

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Specification of this Automatic Bottle Washing Machine
The machine uses the invent control roller intermittent rotary, high control accuracy, speed adjustment convenient. It uses the food grade pipeline design, attractive appearance, rational layout, simple structure, easy operation, steady production. By two water and five gas (Purified water, purify the heat) washing, make the bottle meet the production requirements.This machine applies for food, cosmetics, pharmacy industries of the bottle washing .
Parameters of this Automatic Bottle Washing Machine

Model Name BXP-200D
Suitable diameter of bottles Ф30mm~Ф100mm
Production capacity ≤6000 bottles/hour
Power supply AC380V/50Hz
Power 7Kw
Machine weight about 800Kg
Machine dimension (L×W×H) 2000mm×1200mm×1500mm 
Pictures of this Automatic Bottle Washing Machine
Automatic Bottle Washing Machine

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